Oh hey there. Are you staring at our protein bro? We know it's been a while, or what seems like a decade without YEP protein. Seriously, if you think it feels that long ago, think of how we feel, lol. Listen, we're only doing vegan supps to make them taste amazing. That's it, that's all that matters. Taste and fun. Period. Macros this and that, that's cool, but the taste of vegan supplements has to reign supreme over all else. It does for us, that's why we took forever and a day to reformulate our shizzle for the best experience we can offer to your pie hole. And speaking of pie holes.....

This VANILLA BEAN ICE CREAM PROTEIN is your first step towards Vegaorgasmic. Is that even a word? It is now. What's all that white stuff on your pants bro? Oh, its your ice cream protein ok sure whatever.


13 Servings - 442g Net Wt - Dietary Supplement

Lactose Free, Gluten Free, Soy Free



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I'm not usually one to buy vanilla proteins because I like variety and usually find vanilla to be boring. To be more specific, VEGAN vanilla proteins usually taste like ice cream farts and not in a good way. THIS stuff, though, is smooth, vanilla-ey, and CREAMY AF. I friggin' LOVE IT! It pairs well with just about anything imaginable. You WILL NOT be disappointed.

My world will never be the same...

When SLAP announced they would be coming out with a vegan line— YEP, It’s Vegan! I was excited, but not enthralled. YEP basically claimed they were going to come out with the worlds best vegan protein. I was hopeful but in all honesty I was expecting to receive another, “you can’t even tell it’s vegan, tastes great!”(