OMG it's here. 

Hey, is that a banana in your pants or are you happy to see our protein? We know it's been a while, or what seems like a decade without YEP protein. Seriously, if you think it feels that long ago, think of how we feel, lol. Listen, we're only doing vegan supps to make them taste amazing. That's it, that's all that matters. Taste and fun. Period. Macros this and that, that's cool, but the taste of vegan supplements has to reign supreme over all else. It does for us, that's why we took forever and a day to reformulate our shizzle for the best experience we can offer to your pie hole. And speaking of pies.....

This Banana Cream Pie is your first step towards Vegaorgasmic. Is that even a word? It is now. We know you creamed yourself, it's ok bro.

12 Servings - Net Wt 393g - Dietary Supplement -  Pea & Rice Protein Blend

Lactose Free, Gluten Free

Contains: Soy

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Bananas for it

I wasn't sure what to expect from a banana flavored protein. When I first tried it I actually laughed out loud because it was spot on banana flavor. And I really wasn't expecting it to be that exact. Crazy! It's so good.

The best vegan protein I've tried

The best vegan protein texture wise and flavor wise! I usually can't stand vegan protein powders because they have a gritty texture, but Yep It's Vegan's new protein is super smooth! The band cream flavor is on point too! Definitely recommend :)

Banana Creme Review

Very good product! I’m not a banana flavor kinda gal but this is pretty darn good. I really wish the cinnamon creme would come back! Look forward to the Vanilla flavor!

Lotsa protein, no BS

This was my first time purchasing from Yep/Slap and I am beyond impressed. After seeing the brands recommended highly by some fit chicks I trust I am so happy I clicked order. My fave way right now to use Banana Cream Pie is blended up with one cup cooled coffee, a dash of almond milk, ice + cinnamon. LIT AF!


I LOVE this protein flavor! I honestly have never been a fan of any 'artificial banana' stuff...It always ends up tasting like a weird laffy taffy. This stuff, though, has a nice ACTUAL banana taste, without it being too overpowering. I LOVE the consistency of the Yep proteins - they're thick and fluffy, like me! :P Seriously though, I just got mine and I can't wait to make some awesome protein banana bread with it!!